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who we are

Dragonfly is a family of event professionals.  Authenticity, integrity and creativity are key traits that drive us everyday. We love our clients. We love our vendors. They complete our family in our event world.

With beginnings in 2011, Dragonfly has soared to become an industry leader through education and innovation. President and CEO, KariLynn Larsen has over three decades of industry experience and leads a team of passionate and talented industry professionals on her team. Dragonfly's strategic partners are the best in the industry and are specially curated to give your unique events the wings to fly.

our philosophy

We believe in making the most of every moment by exploring the limits of ingenuity and innovation.

We continually reinvent what is possible to support strategic objectives.

We strive to create events that are world-class experiences.

We measure success by the positive relationships we build.

"The dragonfly sees through the illusions of light and form into a dimension deeper than our daily reality." 

We dig deep and engage to get the true essence of your desired results.

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Dragonfly’s mission is to discover, develop and deliver remarkable experiences that produce measurable results with a global and sustainable perspective for our clients. We achieve this by curating the best talent who exemplify integrity, creativity, and innovation.

mission & vision


We believe in providing a culture of growth, inclusivity and depth of service through strong relationships. Our goal is to always challenge the status quo resulting  in remarkable event experiences that make us industry leaders to our clients and colleagues.

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