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webcasting conferences and events in turbulent times

It’s little surprise that companies are looking towards virtual conferences and webcasting opportunities in current times of travel bans and decreases in economic spending.

Luckily, the technological world has evolved so much in the past 10 years, to allow companies to connect with their employees and customers virtually in a similar way to hosting a live in-person conference.

The sophistication of today’s live-streaming, on-demand downloads, and online audience participation tools make webcasting events a great engagement tool, as well as a potential revenue generating opportunity.

By delivering your event through the virtual platform of webcasting, you’re creating three distinct benefits your company may never have considered before. You are providing invaluable content and becoming experts in the industry, creating exposure to a larger global audience, and you can measure data that is captured from your audiences immediately. You can also create an additional revenue stream or increase revenue that would not otherwise have been realized at an in-person, one location conference.

benefits to webcasting your event

By broadcasting your event through webcast platform, you’ll be able to target key areas of sponsorship, capture invaluable data and customize marketing collateral at a very economical cost. Here’s some suggestions on how to use webcasting to your benefit.

1. paid access to view

Your event may be an internal audience where password protection is all that is needed to enter the virtual space. However, you may be hosting an event where people who want to attend have to pay for the educational opportunity. It may be an industry event where you offer training,or have a global audience who can’t travel to your location. That’s where paid access comes in handy. Dragonfly can help you set-up a pay wall to view your streamed event, so people can participate from afar and still have access to your valuable content. The branded webcast page can be live for up to a year after your event, allowing you to continue hosting, updating content and charging for access to the space. Paid for webcasts are great tools for maximising the return on your initial event.

2. sponsorship opportunities

Webcast platforms offer a number of ways to bring sponsorship into the equation. Some of the ways you can attract sponsors vying for the your audience include:

· Brand name or logo insets.

· Live polling platforms can be sponsored by partner companies.

· Video advertisements set into the webcast window.

· Sponsor branded documents to be downloaded from the webcast.

· Keynotes on the webcast can be sponsored with signage at the video feed sight.

Providing links that direct participants to a sponsor’s website, video content, social media or any other online promotion is a must have.

3. invaluable data capture

Giving viewers the opportunity to stream or watch on demand also provides invaluable data in order to access the content. When guests register for a webcast, they are asked to submit their name, company, job title, location, email address and phone numbers. This information along with some basic web analytics can provide a lot of information about who is watching and interested in your product or service. You can measure everything from who attended, their location, what device they’re using, how long they watched for, and who interacted with the webcast add-on features such as live polling or social media. This is especially useful for business development and lead generation.

4. online marketing

By their very nature, webcasts are a fantastic platform for your sponsors. Why? Because you’re hosting an event that’s capturing the attention of a very specific target audience, something traditional mediums of advertising just can’t offer for branded messages. When you webcast, you’re not just streaming live – you’re recording valuable video and audio that can be repackaged and repurposed for future use. And you’re doing it at a fraction of the cost of sourcing footage in other ways. This means you’ve already got yourself material for ads, promo videos, and branded material for you to promote on your website and on social media. It’s a saving on your marketing budget that can lead to big things. You can host material on your website or a conference specific URL. If you use your company website, your company will benefit from increasing your content, driving traffic to your social platforms and sponsors links, better SEO, and be seen as experts within your community.

opportunities to webcast your event

Dragonfly has brought webcasting to clients for a wide array of applications. The ability to connect global audiences for sales conferences, customer expos, product launches, keynote leadership workshops, etc. – with webcasting, you will ensure your people don’t miss out on important information and events around the world.

consider Using webcast for your next event

If you are looking to change your global conference into a webcast with the uncertainties and travel bans of the year ahead – call us at Dragonfly to help you navigate this virtual space.

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