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  • Kari Lynn Larsen

the resilience of a dragonfly

With all the challenges the world and we are currently facing; COVID, global warming, political strife and much more, it was heartening to hear some positive news from the U.K. The Guardian newspaper recently published an article on how dragonflies are thriving and making a comeback.

The southern migrant (also known as the blue-eyed) hawker is just one of a series of “dragons and damsels” that have taken up residence in Britain since the turn of the century. Some species travel thousands of kilometres from northern Africa to breed, showing a determination and resilience that should inspire us all.

With the advent of global warming creating milder winters and warmer summers in Britain species that were once very rare are getting much more common and widespread. These charismatic creatures are extremely mobile and agile, so are ideally placed to take advantage of changes habitat and climate. While this is concerning that they are being driven further north due to climate change, experts are excited to see an uptake in populations.

Dragonflies have been on the earth for at least 300 million years and continue to adapt to the rapidly changing world which is definitely a trait that we at Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. embrace. We are adapting and rapidly changing with the current environment, to be digital meeting and event experts. We have increased our breadth of creative content and production management services. Content for virtual meetings must be broadcast friendly which is much different than what is preferred for big screen visuals. Call us for a consultation on your 2021 goals and objectives for digital and hybrid meetings and we will help you and your company bring your best faces and brands forward in this digital world.

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