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  • Kari Lynn Larsen

put your best face, content and brand forward – book a studio!

After months of attending and delivering digital events, our expectations of what we see and hear, and how we present our content and ourselves, are rising. We’ve started to expect more polished environments and interfaces, as well as presentation narratives that are “crisp” and to the point. We also expect to be engaged through quality visuals and creative content. Taking pointers from television broadcasts and adopting their run of show schedules is the best starting point.

We are now subjects and producers of scenarios that are more similar to reality TV shows than they are of in-person events. In fact, we believe digital event producers have a tougher experience than TV producers as we typically have multiple technology situations coming together for one outbound broadcast, versus one single feed coming from a controlled environment TV studio.

So what if we insist on raising the bar consistently, to mimic the controlled TV studio as much as possible – allowing our presenters to always put their best faces, content and brands forward? The solution? Controlled studio environments replicating TV/movie filming studios. They are here and at our disposal in numerous locations throughout our city and our country. Let’s streamline the multiple presenter environments and technology switching requirements, by bringing your keynote speakers and/or entertainers to a controlled studio environment, making your digital events polished, high quality, and stream-steady.

Knowing your audience is also key in stepping up your broadcast digital experience. You should choose your environment based on who you are broadcasting to. Are they young tech savvy software developers or Bay Street financial business associates? The studio or stage/presentation environment, visual backgrounds, furniture, props, music choices and wardrobe should all resonate with that particular audience. The optional backgrounds available in studio provide the opportunity to theme and brand without losing your hand or head to the virtual background!

With the onslaught of digital event fatigue and knowing we will be hosting digital and potentially hybrid events for some time moving forward, we also need to produce events that are packaged in shorter sound bites. We need content that stands out and leaves the audience wanting more. The action must be lively, the plot of the narrative must move quickly and we need “commercial breaks”, otherwise the audience will drop off naturally.

Plan your agenda as if it were a series of TV show scenes. Scene duration must be established at the start and adhered to in digital events, as the audiences have little patience for events or “shows” that run over time. If you sit down to watch a 30 minute sit-com, what would you think if it ran over by 10-20 minutes? It just doesn’t!

Technical rehearsals using all the content to be displayed, are equally as important as speaker rehearsals, and the actual event itself. If the technology and flow of content is not rehearsed, the broadcast may not go as planned. No audio – no event! Ensure you include technical rehearsal time in your production schedule and studio rental duration.

Studios are the best environment for controlling all situations we have previously discussed, including day-of spontaneous issues. Soundproof studios are even better – particularly for controlling any spontaneous ambient noise. There is nothing worse than presenting while a siren or train is going by, competing for your audio feed. If your audience can’t hear your presenters, then you might as well also not have video working or even host the event itself. If video quality is bad, then the audience can turn off their video feed. If the audio is bad – the audience will likely just leave the event.

Let’s focus on quality versus quantity when it comes to producing our digital corporate meetings and events. Invest in quality production. Book a studio to broadcast from, and you will be putting your presenters best face, content and brand forward, for your audiences to learn from and enjoy.

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