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  • Kari Lynn Larsen

outstanding logistical achievement award 2017 Canadian Event Industry Awards

Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc., was thrilled to accept the Outstanding Logistical Achievement Award at this years 2017 Canadian Event Industry Awards Gala, with our DMC partner, Pacific Destinations.

The Outstanding Logistical Achievement award refers to the level of logistical challenges and the degree of complex solutions required to execute an event or element of an event. Applicants had to explain the objectives and challenges they were faced and how they successfully overcame them.

The overall judging was decided based on complexity, creative solutions and problem solving, meeting objectives and logistics strategy.

Dragonfly assisted in the planning of a bi – annual client meeting with over 1,000 attendees from across Canada and Chile.

The meeting was held in Banff, Alberta and Dragonfly faced some major challenges during planning that had them go above and beyond expectations!

With over 1,000 attendees it was difficult to find a venue in Banff large enough to accommodate everyone in one room at one time, so how did we get it done you may ask? Dragonfly with a number of our partners, built a 40,000-sq. ft. clear tent structure with multi tier flooring and executed a first class dining and entertainment experience, with the feeling of being outdoors in the mountains.

The clear tent offered a view to an already amazing natural background, and Dragonfly took it to the next level to give the participants the ultimate WOW factor!

We designed the audiovisual and production schematic that was required for the event and technological requirements of a Canadian headliner musician with a low weight bearing roof. Dragonfly planned the installation of all the rigging, audiovisual and spectacular light show equipment and topped it off with a circular rotating stage with a grand piano placed in the middle.

It is stated that, “the logistical achievement of this event will go down in history” for the client.

With a 28-day space rental and 15.5 days of setup Dragonfly and our logistical partners were proud and excited that all the hard-work put in by so many individuals was well recognized!

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