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  • Kari Lynn Larsen

keynote speaker...where to start

Choosing a keynote speaker… where to start?

Keynote speakers are a great addition to your meeting agenda and are intended to motivate and/or inspire audiences. There are so many options on the speaker circuit that you can have an expert talk about anything from money, to branding, nutrition, leadership, or something extremely specific within your industry. When starting your search, here are a few helpful tips:

· Know what you want your audience to learn or walk away with.

· Look at where it makes sense to have a keynote speaker in your agenda (this may also play a role in what topic you are looking for).

· Have an approximate budget (remember, there will always be additional costs for their travel, etc.)

· Check with your local speaker bureaus, they are a great source of knowledge and reference.

· Find out if they have any upcoming engagements in your area, it is always great to see the speaker before hiring them.

Having a great keynote speaker can leave people feeling empowered, energized and looking forward what lies ahead personally and with the company. The ROI for your employee’s is invaluable.

For suggestions and recommendations on great speakers, please contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.

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