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don’t let 4 walls limit your creativity

Have you ever had a venue booked far in advance of the scheduled event, only to realize once you start the creative process that the space you have to work with is less than ideal? Or maybe your creative and production team were not part of the venue selection process, meaning there was no technical director consulting on what can and cannot be done in the space. There’s a plethora of reasons why a venue is less than perfect. Maybe the ceilings aren’t high enough, maybe the ballroom has traditional décor and you want to design a modern theme to the event or maybe rigging points aren’t there. It’s a list that goes on and on and I’m sure we’ve all bumped up against a similar problem once or twice in our event lives! Don’t let a less than ideal venue stifle your creativity. It’s booked, so let’s move on and use the space to elevate our creativity.

We find the best place to start is with your venue itself. Let the space be your muse. We don’t always have the budget to completely mask out the room, so why not let it guide our inspiration. Maybe incorporate it into the décor. Have fun with what could otherwise be a frustrating block.

Think outside the four walls. You want your event to be successful and have a powerful lasting impression on your attendees...right? So don’t let those four walls confine your creativity.

Dragonfly recently took a traditional ballroom and completely transformed it. We re-defined what the four walls were. Keep in mind this took much planning and a budget to work with, but anything is possible. Just don’t forget to keep certain important details in mind when you’re

re-structuring the layout of a venue; flow of traffic, ambiance, how presentations or activities will function etc.

Ignore the naysayers! How many events would have not happened just because one Negative Nelly said, “you can’t do that…it’s impossible!”

Don’t be afraid to be innovative. We recently read about some very new and creative ways to use space, when space was at a premium. A growing trend is “Silent Conferences.” A spinoff of silent disco’s, this innovative way of doing events, solves the issue of no breakout rooms, noisy exhibit halls and timing constraints. Wireless headphone systems, those similarly used for simultaneous translation, allows a room full of attendees to break off into smaller groups, each hearing a different presentation, all in one room at the same time.

Partnering with the right audio visual company is KEY! If you’re trying to be innovative you need an AV partner who has the capacity to be innovative both technically and in mindset.

And lastly, don’t let budget limit your creativity. Sometimes budget constraints force you to be more innovative, more creative. You don’t have to sacrifice content, engagement or creativity. You just have get wiser and more creative about how to effectively use a less than ideal event space.

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