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  • Kari Lynn Larsen

bubble hotel

The Bubble Hotel…an unbelievably unique experience!

As conference and event planners, we are always on the lookout for new and unique things. We always want people to experience something different that they couldn’t or would be unlikely to do on their own. The Bubble Hotel is one of those things!

In a town called Roubaix, France, it is a series of portable hotel rooms in a local park.

The bubble concept thought up by French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas i

s based on the following principles: minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort and maximum interaction with the environment.

A family run hotel has taken this concept and run with it. Attrap'Rêves offers five different locations helping its guests get closer to nature and experience this unusual yet comfortable environment. Each bubble comes with a clear view of the sky and is made of recycled plastic, and once inflated, retains its shape thanks to an airlock at the entrance and a silent pump which creates constant pressure. Outside noises are reduced to a minimum while inside noises are maximized, so the visitors are encouraged to whisper to each other, in order to create a peaceful atmosphere.

This is not ideal for a multi-night incentive or conference, but would be fun as a one-night pre or post getaway as an extension to a top-tier incentive or executive retreat.

For rates on availability for the Bubble Hotel or other unique ideas, please contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.!

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