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virtual events

The sophistication of today’s live-streaming, on-demand downloads, and online audience participation tools make webcasting events a great way to communicate to any audience. By delivering your event through a virtual broadcast platform, you’re providing invaluable content, becoming experts in your industry and creating exposure to a larger global audience.

The delivery method and medium of digital events, conferences and meetings is virtual, but the project workflow, planning experience and deliverables are the same as in-person. Your stakeholders, presenters and audience need to be familiar with the content or brand and they must be engaged. 


Our extensive experience in virtual, hybrid and in-person events, production planning, and creative development, allows us to design impactful digital, video and interactive delivery systems. We customize event infrastructure, workflow and staff support that is specialized for your event.

As your virtual event & meeting partner, we can curate your broadcast solutions, using the best event tools and technology specialists. Dragonfly's commitment to the success of your event is backed by our certified Virtual Event and Meeting Managers, through the Event Leadership Institute. Their knowledge and experience will provide valuable ROI on your next virtual or hybrid event.

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