Why Hire A Professional Planner? We’ll Tell You Why!

In times where everyone is looking to save some money, you may think it is beneficial to plan your own event/conference rather than pay a professional.  In actual fact, this could end up costing you more!  Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional planner could help more than you think;

There are many industry related events to not only keep professional planners in the know of any new products, but it also creates relationships.  With forming planner/supplier relationships, it is often easier to negotiate.  It also helps when planners have used a supplier time after time and can qualify the spend that they do with a certain business.  In the end it’s a cost savings to you!

Negotiation Skills
A good planner will know the power of negotiation!  They can negotiate complimentary services, reduced rates on rooms, upgrades, or perhaps lower rates or free use of meeting rooms.  Anything is possible!  It’s really all about knowing what can be done and the right questions to ask!

Time and Stress
They say time is money, once you have hired a professional planner; you are able to concentrate on other items that may be more important to you.  It will also most likely take a professional half the time to plan the event as they already have a roster of contacts.

Hiring a professional also means some of the little details that you may not have thought of are taken care of.  What if a vehicle for the event breaks down?  What if your evening event is outside and it looks like rain?  That’s what they are they for!

You wouldn’t hire a mechanic to do your taxes right?  If you want an event done properly, so you too can enjoy it, with the added value of the above, it makes sense to a professional planner!


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