Welcome Jenni-Leigh Girard to the Dragonfly team!


Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. is happy to announce the addition of Jenni-Leigh Girard to the team, as our Creative Director and Producer.  Jenni-Leigh is a multi-skilled, multi-talented individual who seamlessly blends creative and organizational strengths. She works on both large and small scale events, assuming various simultaneous roles. With over 22 years experience in numerous facets of the entertainment, corporate event and fashion industries. Jenni-Leigh works with grace under pressure, giving her the honor and pleasure of continuing work with many clients year after year. Jenni-Leigh is also known by many colleagues as the “Zen” producer.

Jenni-Leigh’s creativity started at young age through classical music and dance, which led her into a dance career in the early years. She continued to showcase her creativity through makeup, costume/wardrobe styling and all around creative collaborator. It was a natural evolution to extend her creativity into graphic design, where she sharpened her skills 10 years ago studying at New York University.

She loves bringing her creative nature and production knowledge to the Dragonfly world of clients.

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