Virtual Entertainment – a great option

Welcome bb Blanc – one of Toronto & Canada’s creative Audiovisual and Entertainment providers.

This company is a growing player in the conference and event industry.  In addition to providing event & conference audiovisual that is a perfect merge of creativity and modern, innovative technology, bb Blanc also provides live entertainment solutions and the newest form of virtual entertainment – a platform called “Atmosphere”.

IgniteeventokwAtmosphere is made up of four vertical screens that transforms the ambiance of your location, entertains your attendees and takes them on a journey to wherever you want.  Be entertained by a virtual four-piece band with a band member playing on each screen simultaneously, the playlist opportunities are endless.  In between sets, showcase corporate branding, event messaging or beautiful scenery all in high definition .  Atmosphere is a unique experience for any event, cocktail reception, gala dinner or even tradeshows.atmosphere 1

Let us show you how Atmosphere can be incorporated into your next event. Contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. for more information.


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