Top Incentive Travel Destinations in 2013

Hawaii Golf
With the incoming of 2014, it is interesting to see what drove the top incentive destinations in 2013.  With the changing economy and perceptions surrounding incentive travel, the destinations aren’t too surprising.  As Canadian’s we love the warmth, so the sun and sand destinations were still top of the list, especially with most incentive travel taking place in the winter/spring months.  Afterall, we could all use some extra vitamin D!  That and our Canadian dollar has remained fairly strong against the US dollar, so a lot of companies are able to stretch their budgets a little bit further.  Not to be forgotten is the ease of travel to the US from most major Canadian cities.

According to IRF’s survey, here are the top 2013 Incentive Travel destinations;

  1. Florida
  2. Hawaii
  3. California
  4. Las Vegas/Lake Tahoe
  5. Arizona

When planning your next incentive trip or employee conference, partner with Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.  We can create innovative programs at any of the above destinations or recommend up and coming unique destinations for 2014.

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