The Advantages of Team Building

Team building is great for so many reasons, it’s not just a reason to get out of the office, it helps build relationships and trust that you can’t build from behind a desk. In this day in age, we communicate so often over email, messenger and over the phone, in some bigger companies, you may never meet face to face with someone you deal with on a regular basis. Companies in large cities may also find they have grown quickly and because of that have their company spread over many different office buildings or on different floors.

Some of the key benefits of team building include;

• Improved productivity

• Increases trust

• Boosts morale

• Improved relationships which equal more efficiencies

• Relieves stress

• Promotes taking a break from daily tasks

Even if your team works really well together, team building can help that continue and strengthen their already existing bond.

Team building activities can be customized to the size of group and what you are trying to achieve. It can be a fun afternoon out or you can tack it on to a conference, where some of the content can be incorporated into the activity. Another popular request is to give back to the community.

Some of the team building options that Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. has provided are;

• The Hunger Games

• Various Scavenger Hunts/Amazing Race

• GPS Geocache Challenges

• Black Box Challenge

• CI: The Crime Investigators

• Pay It Forward

For more information on any of the above or other suggestions, customization ideas and costs, please contact Dragonfly!




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