Stressed about Airport line ups?

airport line upWith travel to and from the United States becoming more frequent these days, we are always looking for a faster, more efficient way to get throughout customs, grab a coffee and be at your gate with a few minutes to spare!  There is nothing worse than rounding that entry corner and seeing the 15-deep rows of people lined up at customs.  It’s time to take customs into your own hands and apply for that Nexus Card.

What exactly is a Nexus Card?

NEXUS-LOGO-colourNEXUS is a bi-national, Canada-United States program for pre-approved, low-risk travelers entering Canada or the United States via air, land and marine ports of entry.  The program enables its members to enter either country more quickly and easily.

Having a NEXUS card allows you to avoid long line-ups at the airport and save time by:

  • using automated self-serve NEXUS kiosks when entering Canada at nine major international airports and U.S. Global Entry kiosks for entry into the U.S.
  • receiving expedited clearance through security screening lines at major and select mid-sized airports in Canada;
  • receiving expedited clearance through the U.S. Transportation Security Administration Pre-Check lines at over 150 participating U.S. airports.

Nexus is not only applicable to air travel.  Dedicated lanes are available at a number of land based border crossings, and by calling Telephone Reporting Centres (TRCs) prior to arrival in the marine mode of travel.

How to apply for a Nexus Card:

borderThe first step in the application process involves filing out an online application form and paying a $50 registration fee.  Once your application has been accepted, you will schedule an interview at one of the Enrollment Centers across Canada.  During the interview process a Canadian and an American Customs Agent will each ask you questions pertaining to your travel history and personal background.  Your fingerprints will be recorded and an eye iris recognition scan will be taken.  an email notification will be sent following your interview with the status of your application.  Within eight days of your approved application you will receive your Nexus card in the mail.   It’s as easy as that!

To apply for your Nexus Card, click the link below.

The Nexus card is valid for five years. It is recommended that you reapply to the NEXUS program approximately three months before your membership expires.  This allows for a streamlined renewal process versus having to re-apply all over again.  It is no longer necessary to have an interview, for the majority of renewing members who have had no changes to their information and have maintained their low-risk status.

airport linePlease keep in mind that only Nexus members can use the expedited lanes so it is recommended that all members of your family apply for a Nexus card, even children.  With everyone in your family having a Nexus card, you will no longer feel guilty when you leave them behind in the line ups to enjoy your bagel and latte – or maybe you should keep Nexus a secret!

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