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What does it take to get me there?


The other day I had a very early flight out of Toronto.  My flight was departing at 7:00 am, and for those of you who know me, you know that I slid into the gate just as the flight was boarding.  My lead up to that “just on time departure” though, was full of retrospective and wonder – yes my brain was actually active at that ungodly hour.

I drove to the airport in the dark that morning, and in typical fashion for an aging gal with age induced memory loss, I took a picture of my parking space to remember where I left my car, and headed to the terminal train.  I remember thinking how peaceful it was at that time of day, with the presence of other people picking up only as I reached the train terminal.

At the terminal, I was surrounded by the bustle of employees who were either working at Toronto Pearson International Airport or on their way to another destination with an airline shift.  I was also surrounded by employees who had just finished their night shift and were heading home.  As I was riding the train I took note of the variety of careers beside me, from tarmac employees with noise cancelling headphones perched on their heads, to office workers, gate agents, pilots, flight attendants, building and airline maintenance and baggage handlers.  The list just goes on.  I thought to myself, how amazing it is that all these people were here with me on that specific day, to enable me to get to where I was going.  The thousands of individuals who had an impact on the one single flight that I was about to embark on, was mind boggling.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude that morning, as I realized that all these people – unknowingly, were also responsible for the existence of Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.  Without every one of them, our team at Dragonfly would not be able to offer the services we do, in destinations around the world.

So thank you to every one of you who are involved in the world of aviation travel.  Each of you takes on a single role that when combined, makes up one massive infrastructure that I still think of as a miracle – the existence of air travel.

Cheers to all of you,

Kari Lynn Larsen

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