Shine Bright at your next event!

LiebherrAre you always on the lookout for a unique way to add lighting and décor to your events?  And even better – how can we do this while at the same time adding impactful branding opportunities for your company?  Look no further… one of our preferred vendors “Airstar International” has some great options for any indoor or outdoor event.

Airstar International was founded back in 1994 and was the inventor of the balloon style light used generally for task or work-space lighting.  Over the years it has grown to serve 100 locations worldwide and with the advancement of technology, their products have evolved to allow for more variety and versatility on where they can be used.

film lightingAirstar lights have always been widely used in Film and Television productions, as well as industrial applications such as work sites, temporary parking lots and safety lighting.  In fact, they’re the go-to solution for emergency services and are used by many police forces because of the rapid deployment and large shadow free lighting they emit for safety, traffic reconstruction and forensic identification.

ballroom decorOnly in the last few years, has the event industry started to think about how these functional lights can be used in event décor.  Branded or not, they are great décor pieces at day or evening events.

If you are looking to add some fun ambiance to your event entrance, we suggest using large cone shaped lights branded with your logo to accent the walkway or adding an archway lit in your conference colours to draw your guests into the event.  Highlight your tablescapes with small battery MCAP - Airstaroperated globes, and brand with your logo or conference theme to complete the look.  Lighting and centrepiece all in one!  This especially works well for outdoor events where both style and function are important.

Event and decor lights are available in many colours, sizes and shapes to brighten, light and enhance almost any space.  The programmable LED lights within, allow you to customize and match your theme colours.

If you are looking for general lighting for your event, fixedSGS - Airstar “moon balloons” are a great option and provide a glow to the event.  But don’t just stop there – add your logo or great themed images to the balloon to continue the brand recognition through your event.

Whether it is functional site lighting, creative décor or company / event branding, Airstar has a style of lighting for any space or event – it is up your (and Dragonfly’s) imagination.

For more information on how to light up your next event, contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.

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