Out with the Old. In with the New!


springWith the change of season upon us it’s a great time to take a look at the space around you and give it a “Refresh”.  Typically the arrival of Spring has us thinking about giving our homes a good cleanout but what about the other space we spend a great deal of time in – our work space.   The National Association of Professional Organizations has studied the correlation between productivity and clutter and determined that paper clutter is the number one problem in offices today.  Studies suggest that the average person wastes over four hours per week just searching for papers and other documents.

Here are some tips to give your workspace a Spring Refresh:

Divide and Conquer

You may be overwhespring refreshlmed if you are faced with an extremely cluttered workspace area.  Divide your space into smaller areas and tackle one area at a time.

Sort and File

For those who still have a set desk within an office, create a file system, whether it is stacking trays, file folders or binders.  Be sure to choose a method that is easy for you to use.  If it is too complicated, chances are you will just go back to your old ways.  In this day of trying to become paper free, scan the documents you don’t need to keep as hard copies, and for the rest of the year, think before you print!

Organize your Workspace

desk layoutYour desk has limited real estate. Keep the items you use the most within arms reach.  Put lesser used items away in a drawer to help reduce desktop clutter. Before you do that make sure to clean out that drawer and use dividers to keep your paper clips separated from your post notes.  And seriously – get rid of those pens and markers that don’t work anymore!


shredOnce you have your file system set up and your workspace organized you will be sure to have items that cannot be simply put into the recycling bin or the trash.  It is highly recommended that all business documents or documents with personal information be shredded.  Whether you have a shredder by your desk or you have a shredding service – it is a must do!  There are many shredding companies available that will either do on call pick up or a scheduled service.

Don’t forget to donate gently used furniture items that are no longer being used to organizations such as the Furniture Bank or Habitat for Humanity.

Electronic Cleanout

office cleaning 3Refreshing your workspace isn’t just about the physical space it is also about the virtual space as well.  Take a look at your desktop and remove the files you don’t need.  Go through your bookmarks and clean them up.  Sort your email into folders and archive the folders you don’t need immediate access to. Unsubscribe to the email blasts you do not read or are not relevant anymore.

Try to keep up with the clutter on a daily or weekly basis so it doesn’t pile up and become an annual task.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth.  Cleaning up your workspace is a great way to start fresh and watch your productivity soar!

While you’re at it, start the year fresh with your conference and event planning partner – give Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. a call – out with the old and in with the new!

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