Looking Toward the Future

Those of us, who have been in the industry for a number of years, have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to those just starting out.  We at Dragonfly, firmly believe that passing on that knowledge and mentoring the next generation benefits everyone involved.

There are a number of ways to get involved … whether it is mentoring a student, participating in a student based project or speaking at a career information day.  Students benefit greatly from hearing first hand what it’s like to work in the Conference, Meeting and Event Industry.

12191400_1075739119133387_2026773848800445251_nMost College and University programs pertaining to the Hospitality Industry, involve a work placement component.  This provides students with real work experience while still completing their education.  It also assists students in choosing their career path.  In 2015 Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. welcomed a student of George Brown College for a six week work placement.  During that time the student was able to participate in various RFP processes and also assist with planning one of our client events.  While the event did not take place during the actual placement, we were happy to have her join us on-site later in the year to work the event.  Student placements give back to the host company as well.  We all learned a few things from the fresh perspective of a student, especially when navigating the newest event technology!  We are looking forward to another student joining our ranks this month from Conestoga College for a new work placement.

interview 2Other opportunities for sharing event wisdom is through student interviews and assignments.  Employees at Dragonfly have been interviewed numerous times on various event related projects.  Recently, we had the privilege of being interviewed by a Durham College Student in the Hospitality Skills Program.  Sitting with the student, discussing their program curriculum and being able to help with an event related assignment was very rewarding.

Contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. for ideas on student placement projects, event mentorship opportunities, and how to get involved with the next generation.  Let’s keep the knowledge rolling!

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