Looking for a light at the end of this Canadian Winter? Check out the Toronto Light Festival!

Contributed by: Riali Goddard


Toronto Light Festival 2017


Toronto Light Festival opened its doors at the Distillery District on January 27th! With most Torontonians trying to escape the cold, even though the Light Festival consisted both indoors and outdoors, it gave visitors a sense of warmth.

Uniting Lightstar (Venividimultiplex)

Staring out the window at the Mill Street Brew hall while enjoying my flight of beer, I watched as people played with this large diamond like sculpture making it light up by pressing multiple buttons surrounding it. Venividimultiplex the creators of this instillation called it the “Uniting Lightstar” which is supposed to represent humanity through one object. It could be controlled by multiple people with multiple backgrounds and how each person is connected while controlling each light.

Social Sparklers (Studio Toer)

Walking through the Distillery District it was great to see people interacting with each other. One of my personal favorites was the Social Sparklers by the Dutch designers from Studio Toer. The sparklers would not start to light up and move until someone walked or moved underneath them.  As I walked underneath them it was like watching stars and I didn’t want them to stop.  I found myself dancing underneath the sparklers with complete strangers to our

Freedom Angels (OEG Creative Group)

own little dance party!

People were taking pictures all over the outdoor gallery, but there was one space everyone had to have their picture taken. The OGE Creative Group had created the “Angels of Freedom,” and it was the ultimate Instagram opportunity! With lit up angel wings andhalo changing different colors you could get the most colorful photo ops.

Magic Dance Mirror (Kyle Ruddick) (Jan 28th). !

As my fingers and toes started to feel the cold, I decided to check out an indoor instillation and again found myself dancing with strangers at another great interactive piece, “The Magic Dance Mirror” done by artist Kyle Ruddick. People were coming in from the cold and heating things up with their dance moves in front of the interactive screen. The screen would catch the dancer’s movements and show up on the big screen and multiple people joined in on the on-screen action!

Digital Origami Tigers (Australia’s LAVA)

The last instillation of the night that I saw really caught my eye.  It was the Digital Origami Tigers done by Australia’s LAVA. I found out that the sculptures were made to celebrate the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year which I found very appropriate considering it started on Saturday (Jan 28th). The tigers were meant to look like paper origami and lit up with a fantastic red colour, they were mesmerizing!

I feel as though overall the Toronto Light Festival is going to be a great success! The attendance was great and I think people really enjoyed interacting with each other with the use of lights. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Light Festival as it is running until March 12th!

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