Looking for alternative meeting space? Cineplex may be a good option…

Movie TheatreHere at Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc., we are always thinking outside the box, looking at different, cost effective spaces that still have great impact.  Cineplex has proven to be a great option for those one-day meetings with no accommodation requirements, or for those events with a limited AV budget.  Not only are the seats comfortable, all sightlines are great, the cost is very affordable, but a lot of the AV is included!  To hold a meeting in a movie theatre is fun and out of the ordinary from a regular meeting room.

If you are looking for something smaller, there are always the VIP rooms within the theater that have extra-large seating in a smaller space.  In addition, you could theme your breaks around movie theatre food and beverages, however, there are many other catering options these days so you are not restricted to just popcorn.  Also, many of the locations are now licensed!

When looking for different, creative ideas or ways to stretch your budget, contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.  We are happy to help!

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