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We are very excited to bring the hottest new hotel and district in the USA, to you for your reading and viewing pleasure! We recently visited the Faena Hotel Miami Beach and the surrounding Faena Arts District.   This property leaves the visitor speechless with its décor, exquisite attention to detail and upscale service levels.  Patrick Smith from Leading Hotels of the World, recently shared his perspective and pictures, from a visit to the hotel and area.  His descriptions cover everything we saw and experienced while there.

The hotel opened its doors in January and the rest of the Faena Arts District (more on this later) will be completed this summer.

The hotel has 58 Rooms, 111 Suites, and has over a billion dollars invested in the project (and that’s the last you’ll hear reference to how much anything costs!).  Suffice it to say, the fit and the finish of this hotel is of very high-end and you and your guests will sense that quality the minute you walk in the front door.


Note that everything you see in the banner photo is part of this project and was re-named by the city of Miami as the “Faena Arts District”.

The Faena Arts District is an entire neighborhood that spans the ocean to Indian Creek (where there will be a marina built later this year), and includes both condos, shopping, restaurants and the widest beach in Miami.



This location is not South Beach (which is a selling point in our opinion). This is in an area known locally as Mid-Beach. The Miami Edition is just south of the property and the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel is just north. For upscale groups, this is a perfect location. Close to everything, but far enough away at the same time.



The rooms are as upscale, with just a bit of the familiar Faena Buenos Aires red in the design, and many have stunning views of the ocean and/or balconies.

Room 2room 1There is also an amusing and must photographed gold gilded woolly mammoth skeleton, kept in a glass case – with the case alone valued at one million dollars. The piece was created by English artist Damien Hirst.

woolly mammoth

One of the challenges in telling you about this hotel is that there is nothing else like this in Miami. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is going to change the luxury landscape of Miami. Faena Miami evokes the glamour of this destination that was lost about the same time fins disappeared off of cars.

High-end groups that had previously gone offshore to the Caribbean, or further afield, can now consider Faena Miami as a destination. This property is very differentiating and has enough cache to support the business objectives of a high profile incentive program… that (apologies to some of the other fine hotels in the area) Miami has lacked for decades.

The story of Faena starts with the owner, Alan Faena. Seen below in one of his signature white outfits.

Alan Faena

Alan is not your typical hotel owner.  He is a visionary transformer of neighborhoods and a thought leader of style and luxury. He is not the type of owner to sit in his office and stare at excel spreadsheets all day either.  Similar to his Faena Buenos Aires Hotel, he treats the Faena Miami as his home and you are his guests.  He is very engaged in every aspect of this hotel and known to be nothing but charming and welcoming.  His excellent taste, presence and passion about this project permeate through the staff and sets the tone of this property.

While the rooms are gorgeous, the real differentiating aspect of this hotel is all the upscale venues and outlets on property. Think of it as a small upscale neighborhood more so than just a hotel on the beach.

Below is the nearly completed Faena Forum across the street from the main hotel. This is the hotel’s meeting and function space. Building designed by famed and awesomely named Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

Event SpaceHere is the inside of the Faena Forum. A view you’ll never see again as they were getting ready to clad the interiors. Note that the back window looks down on Indian Creek and what will be the hotel’s private marina. The back wall can also be opened up to allow for larger exhibits or cars to be loaded into building for display. This is definitely not your typical ballroom space…

Event Space interiorAnother unique space on property is the Baz Lurhmann (Hollywood director of Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby, et al) designed theater. The hotel is finalizing details to have regular entertainment in this space, but it will also be available to groups for private events.

Theatre 1One of the striking aspects of this property is how some areas are very understated and elegant and others sizzle with over the top touches.

One of these areas is the restaurant Pao by Paul Qui that has a gorgeous interior with a spectacular ocean view setting. Note the gold gilded unicorn – and mossy base decor.

Restaurant 2Wine cellar… perfect for an intimate dinner

Wine Cellar2The crushingly sexy Saxony Bar.

secret bar

Screening Room


The hotel has a high tech screening room that features the same projector as you will find in your local Cineplex. For groups it’s a fun venue for watching pretty much anything in regal comfort.


Naturally, the hotel also has a gorgeous spa. The Tierra Santa Healing House is another unique aspect of this property.

Part of the communal wet area of the spa… and your vocabulary word of the day. A Tepidarium is a marble slab area that is cooled so that you can lay on it to bring down your body temperature after spending time in the steam rooms, saunas and hammam.


Casa Claridge’s, another hotel that is owned by and considered part of the Faena Arts District in Miami is also a great option for small groups and incentive travel.  The culturally rich spaces offer private and intimate venues in a charming Mediterranean-style setting to host memorable social events and group meetings. With a 48 room occupancy, and the right number of travellers, this venue has the potential to Casabe to you and your peers.

There is actually even more to the district. They are finishing an upscale shopping and dining facility in the district as well. For groups it will mean even more dining venues and nearby shopping options if you can tear yourself away from your chaise lounge at the pool. We’ll be sure to share that information when it’s completed later this summer.

Please keep this hotel in mind for your exclusive incentive groups! There is nothing like this in Miami and the experience at the Faena can overly compete with other high-end incentive destinations!

We are excited to add this hotel to your destination considerations. Call Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. for a proposal on this property today!

                         Contributed by Patrick Smith.  Edited by Jaime Messecar

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