Healthy Travelers = Happy Travelers

For those of you who travel for business, regularly or on occasion, we are sure you’ll agree, it is hard to maintain your healthy habits.  From the abundance of food, drinks and sitting for hours in business sessions, it is tough not to leave feeling a wee bit heavier and sluggish.


Here are some tips that will hopefully help you to not leave a great incentive or conference having regrets about what you have done to your body!

  • Avoid hotel breakfasts loaded with fat and salt (sausages, bacon, pastries, fried potatoes)
  • Start your day with fresh fruit, yogurt and cereals
  • Stay with lighter fare lunches, have a salad or go with whole-wheat sandwiches if possible
  • Don’t overeat at dinner, especially at buffets
  • Minimize the amount of fried and fatty foods
  • Drink lots of water with your meals and throughout the day and limit alcohol and coffee intake
  • Pick up some fresh fruit and healthy snacks at  the local grocers to help avoid snacking on junk food
  • Pack multivitamins


With a packed itinerary, it can be tough to keep up with the exercise routine you have established at home.  Here are just a few ideas to help keep you moving and keep that weight off!

  • Use the hotel gym, even if you can just fit in 20 minutes of cardio, every little bit helps!  Going for a walk or run, will also allow for some fresh air and is a great way to see a new city
  • If you can’t get to the gym, take 20 minutes in your room for muscle stretching and 100 ‘jumping jacks’
  • Although tempting to socialize into the wee hours, get adequate hours sleep


exerciseMore and more hotels are starting to offer running clubs and/or early morning yoga.  As corporate event planners, we are also seeing a lot more clients starting to ask us to put together optional exercise sessions or include more athletic optional activities.  We can all agree, you do feel better about yourself if you can manage to keep somewhat of the exercise and eating routine you do at home, while on the road.


If you are having an upcoming conference or event and want to ensure your participants have time and options that will keep their healthy living on track, please contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. for some engaging ideas.


We would love to hear your additional tips as well!

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