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Daniel et DanielPierre Valcarcel answers some of questions, ranging from what it’s like to work for Daniel et Daniel to industry trends.

1.  What is your personal background in the catering industry?

My mother was a caterer and I was helping her out from the age of 14 creating table-scapes and assisting with events.How long have you been with Daniel et Daniel?

I’ve been working with Daniel et Daniel for three years now.

2.  What do you feel separates Daniel et Daniel from other caterers?

I think the biggest thing that separates Daniel et Daniel from all the other caterers in this city is their consistency in service and product, dependability, and the added value service that goes beyond just the catering of the event.

3.  What do you think the main attributes are, to the success of Daniel et Daniel?

The main attribute to our success would have to be our strong kitchen team who deliver consistency day in and day out.  We have also partnered with the best suppliers in the city and work with mutual respect to always get the very best for our clients.

4.  What is it like to work for the infamous ‘Daniels’?

They are awesome.  They treat staff with respect, are always available for consultation and are and very easy to engage.

5.  What are your favourite venues to work with and why?

All our partner venues are great to work with, especially The Cathedral Centre, 2nd Floor Events, The Carlu and The St. Lawrence Market Kitchen.  It’s great when a venue gives you the freedom to do what you do best!

6.  What are some emerging trends that you have recently seen in the catering and events industry?

Like fashion, everything comes back in style.  Comfort food is back, and is still very popular but with twists using upscale ingredients.

7.  What do you think are the three most important things for people to consider when selecting menus?

I’d say the three most important things to consider are what your guests’ preferences are, what your preferences or recommendations are based on experience, and to be realistic with your budget!!!

8.  What do you feel is the most challenging thing, when working corporate events?

Probably the most challenging thing with corporate events is when there are too many decision makers or too many levels of approval required.  Everyone has their own personal tastes, and when you have to take a number of them into consideration, there will always be some disagreement on what to serve.

9.  If you could pick one favourite food item that you think everyone should try at their next event, what would it be?

Definitely “Pork Belly Bahn-Mi!!!”  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!!

Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. has partnered with Daniel et Daniel many times and have always been impressed with their professionalism, creativity and not to mention their end product is delicious!

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