Grand Central Terminal – Behind the Scenes

Grand CentralWe recently managed a client conference in New York City and created an exclusive VIP tour that had our participants talking for the rest of the trip! We wanted the group to see the heartbeat of New York City – The Grand Central Terminal, but in an intimate way. What set this activity apart from the usual tour, is that most New Yorkers haven’t even seen this side of Grand Central Terminal before. There is only one person in NYC who is “allowed” to give this intimate tour, and with some digging, and the rare chance that his schedule was open, we were able to spend the afternoon with Sam. This unique individual who knows New York City inside and out and had so many interesting and fun facts, our participants were beyond amazed! On the tour they were able to see and explore a hidden staircase; learn about New York City’s largest and secret basement; discover a train station that is buried within the terminal and visit the secret “war room” on a floor that does not exist, among other special sites in the terminal.

Our objective for groups is to always have attendees leave with great & unique memories and this underground tour absolutely gave them something to talk about for years to come!

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