Google Glass, Sky is the Limit for Events!

The technology industry is one of the most dynamic in the world, particularly with respect to mobile and Internet-based computing, two areas that are evolving at breakneck speed.

Google has come up with a new product called Glass.  The futuristic eyewear will be available to consumers by the end of 2013.  Glass will be able to connect via Bluetooth to both Android phones and the iPhone, while pulling data from Wi-Fi and using the 3G/4G feeds from the connected phone. From some of the first users, it is reported that Glass is very easy to use, but are questioning if privacy issues might pose a problem.

What does this mean for your events?  You can really get creative with what you can do!  Teambuilding events, speakers, what the CEO sees, it may really change the industry when it comes to live web series, closing general sessions and fun evening events.

It will be very exciting to come up with some fun ways to offer this new technology.

To see how it feels, check out this link

For other great ideas to on how to incorporate new technology into your event, please contact Dragonfly!


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