Getting the Audience Involved

Live Event Polling Solutions

As technology evolves, it is making interaction between one another easier and it is actually getting less expensive.  You can use personal mobile devises as audience polling platforms, allowing attendees to give live feedback instantly, whether it’s voting or contributing questions or feedback to a presentation.

New technology allows a speaker to poll the audience, the question can pop-up on attendees’ mobile screens and they simply have to select an answer.  Polling results are graphical and can be displayed on mobile devices and on the main event screen. Results are updated dynamically. This creates a genuine real-time experience and helps to engage the audience with interactivity.

Some attendees might be more inclined to give their honest feedback and be more involved if they can easily submit an answer or ask a question, especially if it’s anonymous.  This helps keep senior management more informed on how employees are feeling.

Whatever your needs are, Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. can help engage your attendees in a new and exciting ‘real time’ way!


Live Polling

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