Get moving at your next conference!

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When planning a conference, you may spend thousands of dollars on professional, informative speakers, hoping to motivate your attendees with knowledge, inspiration or new perspectives. To see the most return on your investment, it is also very important that you maximize the amount of information your attendees are able to retain and gain the most benefit from what they’ve learned.

However, here lies a problem.   When we sit for long periods of time taking in information, we can’t guarantee that it is being fully processed and retained.

So how do we solve this problem? Well, in elementary school children are given recess because it is proven that regular movement increases focus and information retention. As we age, the priority of breaks and physical movement within our learning becomes diminished, and instead of stressing the importance of the quality of learning, we care more about how much we can learn in the shortest period of time. When planning a conference or a session where its sole purpose is to educate your attendees, it is beneficial to everyone that you provide them with the best environment in which to learn.

Much like children, adult’s ability to learn and remember information can be greatly enhanced by regular movement throughout a period of learning. These days, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the meetings and conference industry is taking this knowledge into consideration, and finding new ways to incorporate physical activity into their programs.

Whether it’s providing a mediation room, stretching in between sessions, yoga or tai chi classes or organizing a group walk, giving your attendees the opportunity to get up and move will not only benefit them, but also the overall effectiveness of your conference. Movement not only increases oxygen flow to the brain, which enhances ones ability to learn, but it also stimulates endorphins which improves mood, giving an individual a better opportunity to fully engage in the current activity.

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In other words, you will see a happier, more energetic and eager to learn, group of individuals, which is a key ingredient to a successful conference. If you’re looking to take your conference to the next level and enhance your ROI through healthy and innovative ways, call Dragonfly to plan your next “healthy” conference agenda.

(contributor: Lindsay MacFarlane)

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