Fairmont Hotel’s Helping Frequent Travellers Stay Fit!

20121002-fairmont1003px800More and more it seems people are trying to keep fitness and healthy living a part of their routine whether at home or on the road.  Fairmont Hotels are helping to encourage guests to continue their routine while on the road to whole new level with Fairmont Fit!

Staying fit at the Fairmont is just a phone call way if you are a part of the President’s Club and is complimentary for Premier and Platinum member.  Fairmont Fit provides Reebok* workout apparel and footwear, an MP3 player and a yoga mat with stretch band, all which can be delivered directly to your room upon request.

How to stay fit with Fairmont:

  • Workout Apparel: Clothing includes t-shirt, shorts (for men) and capris (for women) in various sizes.  Request your specific clothing and shoe size at time of reservation and clothing and footwear will be delivered to your room for your arrival. Workout gear is available for the duration of your stay and can be replenished at any time.
    MP3 Player: Music is pre-loaded with tracks from various artists. Available upon in-hotel request for use during your stay.
  • Yoga Mat & Stretch Band: Request at time of reservation and a yoga mat with stretch band will be delivered to your room for your arrival.

Working out does more than just keeping you fit, it also helps relieve stress and keeps you happy and healthy!  For help booking any of the Fairmont properties or incorporating a fitness routine into your next program, contact Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc!  

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