Dragonfly wins at the 2015 Canadian Special Event Star Awards

Star Awards 15 Winner for Dragonfly's wrap around video screen

We are excited to have been awarded the Best Audiovisual Design of an Event at the 2015 Canadian Special Events Awards on April 16th. In partnership with Solotech, we competed with some of Canada’s finest production & audiovisual companies.

The event we were judged on was the 2014 Deloitte Partner Meeting.


The objective of the audiovisual design was to provide an environment that captured the audience’s attention the second they walked into the room. We created a space like no other conference they have attended. We believe the audiovisual design we pitched and executed accomplished this and more.

Some highlights of this audiovisual design and outstanding qualities, that allowed us to rank with the award finalists include:

  • FullSizeRender-2The 430 linear feet screen had to be custom sewn and stretched over truss, as nothing existed of this size.
  • A second cylinder screen was positioned above the circular stage, with built-in hydraulics to be raised and lowered. This was used for IMAG and logo animation.
  • The use of 40 HD projectors with 40 separate projection surfaces all blending together to make one circular image.
  • Some of the 24+ videos were filmed in 360 immersive HD format.
  • All multimedia content was programmed into “Pandoras Box” for show playback.
  • Animation of PPT content was created and projected over 40 zones.
  • Custom surround-sound music tracks were created for soundscapes and videos – allowing the audience to feel they were in the middle of a space field, in a rocket launch, etc.
  • A custom 3-tiered circular stage was built in the middle of the room, with chairs set in chevron style around the stage. No one was further than 12 rows from the stage – a very intimate environment.Award2
  • The top level of the stage was a turn table, so the presenters would rotate slowly for their backs to never be to the audience for long.
  • Black drape from floor to ceiling 10 feet behind the 360-degree hanging screen gave the room dimension allowing the audience to never feel boxed in.
  • An LED bottom-lit walkway from the outside black drape to the center stage added to the theatrics.

The custom multimedia production was integral to the immersive experience, as designing, filming and editing for a 360-degree surface is not something that is done every day and few corporate content editors even know how to create this.

Technical 360 Right from the day the concept was pitched, the ability to grasp how the content would be created and projected was difficult. Not being the traditional English / French two-dimensional projection surface (square screen), we had to guide the creative brainstorming and content creation to be immersive in scope. Also challenging was educating the client and the presenters that the PPT and visuals were no longer traditional “PPT”, but converted to an animated state with a single “slide content” to be spread across multiple projection zones. Not something that can be printed out on a page and reviewed the morning of their presentation. This required a lot of trust on the client’s behalf, as it was completely outside the corporate comfort zone.

What made this event design the most exhilarating and exciting one that our veteran crew has ever worked on before, is that the audiovisual design and technology is only limited by creativity and the skill set of those creating the content. Our talented crew, passion and collaboration between the client and our company, allowed us to use this innovative technology and stage design to turn our client’s “big picture” ideas, corporate messaging and branding concepts into reality. The event design and the staging/set creativity captured everyone’s attention, including the venue staff/customers!

This audiovisual design truly changed the landscape (and journey) of the Deloitte 2014 Partner Meeting. Our creative team pushed the bar in the planning stage and our hand picked veteran technical crew worked passionately and tirelessly during the execution, to make it come to life. This audiovisual design was definitely a career milestone for the entire team involved.

Our team and our event partners have a shared sense of pride and accomplishment with this event and this award was the icing on the cake!  Thank you Deloitte for giving us the opportunity to win this Award!

360 screen 2


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