Discover Canada: British Columbia

Discover Canada: British Columbia


 With a population of four million people, British Columbia offers a diverse cultural experience,  rich with history. Victoria, the capital city, is the fifteenth largest metropolitan region in Canada and was named after the Queen who created the original colonies. BC is agriculturally rich with spectacular views and a great place to adventure the outdoors. With 14 parks, 7 provincial heritage sites, 6 national historic sites and 4 national parks, BC is overflowing with beauty and lots to experience!

British Columbia is filled with history. Well known for the Gold Rush era, Bakerville is a must visit! Bakerville is a well-known heritage attraction with 107 heritage buildings. It is the largest living-history museum in Western North America. There are daily activities and attractions available for all ages!

Bugaboos & Conrad Kain Hut

BC provides an immense number of opportunities to explore the scenic outdoors in a unique way. Enjoy hiking? There are hundreds of exquisite trails for visitors to try! If you are feeling adventurous, you can try hiking the Bugaboos. With peaks over 3,000 meters’ elevation, airy and glacier – sculpted granite spires, hikers will experience fantastic mountain views. The Conrad Kain Hut is also available for overnight stays!

Looking for some thrills? The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver offers views 110 feet above forest floor! While walking through the trees, you can get asquirrel’s eye view of the BC First Nations Totem Park.

Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear)

Not only does BC offer stunning scenery, it also has an abundance of wildlife. During your hike make sure you look out for the Spirit Bear, also known as the Kermode Bear. The Spirit Bear is a race of black bear with a white coat. Concentrated mostly on the central coast and north coast of BC, the Spirit Bear is not considered albino but it has a genetic trait that makes their coat white. You can also enjoy the wildlife off land with various whale species to see, such as orca, minke, humpback and grey whales.

Victoria Inner Harbour

BC’s capital city, Victoria, also has lots to offer, especially at the Victoria Inner Harbour. During the summer months, the harbour features festivals such as the Classic Boat Festival, as well as shows and entertainment. Here you will also find the British Columbia parliament buildings, the Fisherman’s wharf and the must visit Fort Road Hill.

Olympic Plaza

A 45-minute plane ride outside of Victoria will allow you to visit the magnificent city of Vancouver and 125 km north of there you will reach the Canadian resort town of Whistler where the famous Olympic Plaza is located. Famous for having hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, the Olympic Plaza can accommodate up to 8,000 people and is a permanent venue for recreation, art and culture. In the winter months, the plaza is transformed into an outdoor skating rink and the Great Lawn is known as the “Snow Zone.”

After all the adventures, where will you lay your head at night? You do not have to the leave the scenic views behind, BC offers a variety of accommodations! Why not sleep in a … tree? Located on Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, you can stay at the Free Spirit Spheres. Replicated to look like large seeds suspended from a tree, the “seeds” are made from fiberglass and wood. There are porthole windows to view the forest and enough space to have a fold out table, mirror, curved loft bed and tiny appliances. It is said to be the “ultimate tree – house experience!”

Free Spirit Spheres

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