Sorbet for the Win!

Team Favourite by Maria Ricci

White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa teamed up with Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery this year for their Incentive Works trade show booth and delivered a learning and tasty experience.

Upon approaching their booth, immediately the atmosphere became relaxed and calm, as if you were actually at the resort or winery! The mood was quieter, taking you back to the countryside. The use of pastel and natural colours along with faux green hedging, created a rustic, home environment where attendees naturally felt at ease.

However I must admit that what grabbed me the most about this booth, and the show, was the creation of a wine sorbet that Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery was sampling. 

Displayed in a vintage, 1950’s ice cream bike cooler, attendees were presented with perfectly sized scoops of absolutely delicious red and white wine sorbet! The sorbet was scrumptious, light and refreshing, and quenched the thirst or hunger we all had from an afternoon full of walking and talking on the tradeshow floor. It truly was a pleasant treat to enjoy, and wrapped up my 2018 Incentive Works experience with a lasting impression.

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