Life is a balancing act – Dragonfly can support you!

The past few weeks have been a juxtaposition for many of us in our day to day lives. The acts of kindness towards and caring for others, have been interspersed with moments of guarded personal territory. The emotional rollercoaster has been enhanced with the transition of working from home, relying on video meetings, conference calls and family distractions while getting your work done. Can we make this productive while navigating the ups and downs of our day to day?
Dragonfly is using this time to enrich our service offerings for what we believe is going to be a busy fourth quarter and 2021, when this pandemic is projected to subside.
Dragonfly remains open and ready to provide our clients with the customer service, creative planning and extreme flexibility that we have become famous for. Conference and event details are in flux right now, as we change the event scope and work to find venue availability for future dates. As events either get postponed, go virtual or morph into different formats such as our “Incentive in a Box” campaign, we continue to come up with creative ways to educate, motivate and stimulate your audiences. 
If you need any assistance now to manage your existing event deviations, to reinvent your 2020 strategy or plan for 2021, you can call us anytime at 416-645-4600, ext. 301, email, or contact any Dragonfly member. We are here to support you and your evolving company initiatives.
Best wishes to stay safe and healthy,
Your friends at Dragonfly

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