King Edward Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom gets a fresh new look!

King Edward’s Hotel Crystal Ballroom Reopens!

For the past 38 years, the King Edward’s Crystal Ballroom had been left empty, and almost forgotten, but that all changed on Wednesday, April 19th! After a $6.5 million renovation, the Crystal Ballroom is once again open and ready to be used as a spectacular event space!

At almost 100 years old now (first opened in 1922), the Crystal Ballroom, located on the 17th floor in the Omni King Edward Hotel, was closed 38 years ago as it did not meet city code standards. Since being closed, the 5,000-sq. ft.

space was still being used for photo and film shoots, but over time began to look “tired” and needed a little refresh. Omni Hotels & Resorts, and Manour Designs Associates collaborated on several changes to bring the space back to life.

The kitchen, which was previously located on the 18th floor has now been moved to the 17th, and new carpet and curtains have also been added. As well, a bar space is now available here and a plaster restoration specialist was able to restore the original wood carvings in the ballroom.

This revived space has immense potential for creating a memorable event! The Crystal Ballroom is lit with three new stunning modern chandeliers, can hold up to 330 people, has floor-to-ceiling windows, offering a stunning view of southeast Toronto and 8-meter-high coffered ceilings with intricate stenciling at the top borders of its walls.

King Edward Hotel’s General Manager stated that they “wanted to keep all the grandeur of the room” and chose “not to really touch the traditional aspects of the architecture, but to give the space a fresh look while keeping its 30’s design.”

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