Discover Canada: Alberta

Discover Canada: Alberta


Heading back to the West, let’s travel to one of Canada’s beautiful prairie provinces, Alberta!

With a population of 4,196,457 people, Alberta is Canada’s fourth most populous province. Alberta also has an abundance of greenery and wildlife to be explored, with four climate regions, alpine, boreal forest, parkland and prairie and wildlife such as; Buffalo, Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, lynx, bobcats and mountain lions.

There are endless amounts of beauty to experience throughout the province. One of Alberta’s most famous National Park’s, is Jasper National Park. Jasper National Park is great for those who love to canoe and kayak. Take a day trip to Spirit Island on the Maligne Lake, one of the largest glacier fed lakes in the world. On this lake, you will have the opportunity to see three visible glaciers and the Canadian Rockies.

Banff National Park is also very well known as the most visited tourist attraction within the province and is considered one of the most impressive national parks in Canada. Banff National Park is a destination for hikers. There are front and back country trails for miles that you can choose from.  One of Banff National Parks most famous lakes is Lake Louise, with unbelievable stunning turquois waters, a site you almost feel can not be real.

While you’re in Banff don’t forget to check out the Banff Upper Hot Springs! The springs are fed by 100% natural mineral water that travels 3 km into the Earth’s crust and is heated and pasteurized before making its way to the surface. It is said the spring water has detoxifying qualities and is a must do for relaxation after a full day of hiking.

There is never a dull moment in Alberta, especially in the city of Calgary! Feeling like letting out your inner cowboy? Why not check out the famous Calgary Stampede! The Calgary Stampede takes place at the start of July for ten consecutive days. There is an abundance of things to do during these ten days, such as attending the highest paying outdoor rodeo in the world, taking in the agriculture programs (horsemanship and sheep sheering) and the city’s very own Grandstand Show – an outdoor evening show that has taken place since 1912! The whole city takes part in celebrating this cowboy heritage with dressing the part, decorating the retail store fronts and hosting multiple “Stampede breakfasts” every morning throughout the city. Something you shouldn’t miss; the Calgary Stampede is said to be the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

If you don’t have the time to see all of Calgary, you can take in one sweeping view of the entire city at the top of the Calgary Tower. With a 360-observation deck, on clear days’ visitors have views of the mountains and the glass floor has a direct view to the downtown streets. At the very top of the tower there is also the Sky 360 revolving restaurant!

Looking to learn a little bit more about the province’s history, or who/what used to roam the lands before humans? Take a day trip northeast of Calgary to the Royal Tyrell Museum, which holds the world’s largest and best display of dinosaurs. The museum is located amidst the “Badlands”, rock formations that are both beautiful and eery with the hills that are thought to be full of dinosaur bones.

If this isn’t enough to have you booking your flight to Alberta, there is still Alberta’s capital city of Edmonton!

Edmonton is a festival hub! Each year Edmonton hosts the Edmonton Folk Music Festival on the banks of the river valley that attracts over 80,000 people and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival that invites over 1,000 performers and 500,000 theater lovers!

Still not convinced?

Edmonton is also well known for the famous West Edmonton Mall, which contains a waterpark, ice rink, mini golf course, aquarium with live shows, movie theaters and over 800 different retail stores, all indoors!! With over 32 million visitors a year, the West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America and the tenth largest in world!

While in Alberta, you can’t pass up the culinary treats that are indigenous to the ranch lands. Alberta is ideal for cattle rearing and its western beef is world famous. Alberta is well known for its beef BBQ which is braised, minced and skewered, accompanied with different sides such as; onions, mushrooms, green peppers, rice, baked potatoes, sauces and brown beans. You can also try local bison (buffalo) in different cuts of steak, burgers and sausages.

Alberta is also becoming a fast-evolving craft brewery destination and new rural and urban microbreweries are popping up everywhere. “Sippin’ Alberta” is also another great event to look out for as it brings together all craft breweries, distilleries and fruity wineries for the public to taste.

Now that you have booked your flight … don’t forget your hotel … or how about a teepee?

Cross River Wilderness Centre offers three traditionally built teepees you can stay in, in the Rocky Mountains near Banff. Each teepee is 20 ft. in diameter and has its own campfire setting, along with a communal campfire for everyone to gather around. The teepees have warm and decorative features to make visitors feel comfortable.






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