Best. Gift. Ever. Choose a gift and change a child’s life.

This year’s Canadian Feed The Children holiday gift catalogue offers a variety of fun, creative choices for gift giving during the holidays and all year long. Debra Kerby, Executive Director of Canadian Feed The Children says these gifts are symbolic of the real items used by the communities they support, to improve food security, increase access to quality education, and to build local capacity to create a world where children can thrive.

Some great gift basket options include:

Livestock Gift Basket – $135

Supply a selection of livestock – sheep, goats, pigs or chickens, depending on location and climate. This gift basket sets a family up with a sustainable source of income and nutrition for the long term.

Student Gift Basket – $45

Provide the gift of knowledge to an eager young student with a basketful of school essentials! This basket includes a school uniform, notebook, pencil, ruler, texbooks and a dictionary.

Some other suggestions include:

  • Teacher Training – $60
  • School Latrines – $125
  • Classroom furniture – $53 per child
  • Goats – $75 per
  • Chickens – $15 per
  • Fruit trees – $25
  • Small Business Loans – $250

Whatever your donation value – your gift will make a difference in the lives of children here in Canada and around the world. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just visit

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