Am I attending a conference – or am I immersed in a dream?

By Kari Lynn Larsen, Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc.

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Clients are always on the look out for how to make their conferences more engaging, inspirational, educational, entertaining and of course – memorable. They want their audiences to take the learning’s and excitement back to their workplace and ultimately increase business productivity.

Welcome to a whole new kind of conference experience! When Dragonfly collaborates with our clients on big ideas, we always look for the most innovative, creative and reliable way to turn these ideas into a reality. Introducing Pandoras Box!

Although this technology has been developing for over 10 years, and has been used extensively in the entertainment industry, it is now just starting to make headway into the corporate conference environment.

Pandoras Box is a turnkey presentation solution that perfectly unites state of the art multimedia technology with intuitive live-event show control. What this means to you, is that you can do some amazing content designs and messaging on all kinds of projection surfaces and 3D shapes.

Our clients can now have videos and images arranged freely on screens, change projection colours on a whim, and form and position any design element on 3D projection surfaces. Pandoras Box synchronizes all video and audio sources eliminating “Lip Sync” errors. Pandoras Box technology is the perfect (and in our opinion “Best in Class”) choice for any corporate, live event or multi-media show. There are no creative boundaries, and the flexibility is endless. You come up with the visual concept, and this technology will make it happen.

Now Pandoras Box is not new to Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. however it is what we did with the technology recently, that was revolutionary. We were given the opportunity to put this system to the ultimate test by creating a full 360 degree surround visual and audio experience. Using 40 HD projectors, 430 linear feet of custom projection surface stretched across a circular truss system, 360 degree video content and graphic design creation, hydraulic suspension for movement of screen surfaces up and down, and some amazing talent within the 30+ production crew, our client held by far, their most engaging and impressive conference ever!

With over 1000 people in the audience, set around a circular stage in theatre-style, each person became an active participant by being immersed right into the meeting content. The end result was beyond our client’s creative expectations, the audience was captivated, and keynote speakers such as Chris Hadfield and Sir Richard Branson said they had never seen anything like it before.

This technology is only limited by creativity. Our talented crew, passion and collaboration of ideas, allows us to use this innovative technology to turn our client’s “big picture” ideas, corporate messaging and branding dreams into reality.

Pandoras Box has truly changed the world of corporate conference production design, and we at Dragonfly Meeting Solutions Inc. are proud to take this technology to the next level and offer innovative ideas, unbridled creativity and experience to make your conference dreams a reality.

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