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Kari Lynn Larsen, President

Kari Lynn has over 20 years experience in conference, event and public relations management. She utilizes her strategic management, industry knowledge and sales/client service skills to create, develop and foster sound and successful production, meeting, conference and incentive travel strategies for Dragonfly’s current and prospective client base.

Some other interesting facts about Kari Lynn include:

  • She is an avid collector of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) artwork. “Alley cat for a very long alley” is her favourite piece.
  • Her first job was the Conklin Shows mascot – Conklin the Clown!
  • She grew up in Cochrane, Alberta. Cowboy boots and Wranglers “were” her attire of choice.
  • She has a motorcycle helmet that features a fiery pink dragon.
  • Pizza and beer – her favourite F&B! Nothing pairs better together.

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Sarah Murray, Account Executive

Sarah’s ability to work within parameters, while providing her clients with innovative and creative outside the box solutions is why she is so successful. Her strength at uncovering key insights and designing memorable programs that drive business results has resulted in a strong loyal client base for Dragonfly.

Some other interesting facts about Sarah include:

  • She is a serial Miss Vickie’s chip addict.
  • Sarah is a South African born native with a strong Canadian accent.
  • On the weekends, she trades her city high heels and downtown life for hiking boots and hidden rustic trails.
  • Her passion is cooking… she makes a jambalaya that rivals any Mardi Gras creation!
  • Her favourite place on earth is Terre Blanche in Provence, France – it’s one of the world’s most stunning landscapes.

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Kim Kloess, Finance Manager

Kim has over 25 years in the accounting industry with extensive experience in financial reporting and budgeting in the corporate and not-for-profit industries. Kim manages client budgets and reconciliations to ensure all client’s accounting needs are met.

Some other interesting facts about Kim include:

  • She once played the violin but quickly realized she was terrible! So she took up singing and has spent MANY years as lead singer in a band.
  • As a young girl, she was an avid gymnast.
  • Kim is 9th generation Canadian originating in England settling in the Ottawa Valley on the Quebec side, and this homestead is still owned by her family.
  • She loves road trips – they are her favourite type of vacation.
  • She has a huge collection of dolphin paraphernalia – she loves dolphins.

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Gayle Garas, Director Program Operations
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Gayle has been working in the conference and incentive travel industry for over 25 years.  Her experience includes project management in both third party and corporate meeting planning environments. Her effective negotiation and contracting skills, her solid mentorship capabilities, and her strong customer relationship building skills, are a few of many reasons Gayle is such a valuable member of the Dragonfly team.

Maria Ricci, Office Administrator

New to the events and conference management world, Maria first dabbled within a few business industries such as real estate and human resources. She obtained her Mortgage Broker License, but quickly moved into a human resources business role realizing her love for people management, customer service, and organizational planning were her strong points.

Some other interesting facts about Maria include:

  • She is the middle child of 5 siblings – and definitely displays signs of the “Middle Child Syndrome”.
  • She is a HUGE lover of [almost all] animals and has been known to have a few non-traditional pets.
  • She believes she will always be a student… At the moment, she is currently learning the Italian language and plans to one day live in Italy.
  • She is probably the most undecided, yet definite, person you will ever meet; one day she is convinced she wants the fast city life, and the next day she wants to travel the world on a shoestring’s budget.
  • Although she has far from a pretty singing voice, she LOVES to sing – belting out the tunes – especially while she is driving.

Mario Monastero, Production Manager

Mario has spent over 20 plus years producing and supporting premier live events throughout North America. His experience partnered with his attention to detail, vast technical knowledge and dedication to excellent customer service ensures every project he works on is executed flawlessly.

Some other interesting facts about Mario include:

  • On weekends he trades four wheels for two, and cycles around South-Western Ontario. His love for cycling also takes him on annual excursions to Cuba.
  • He loves to work with his hands and is constantly busy with renovations at his home or the family cottage.
  • He has an affection for small Italian cars and can often be found tinkering under the hood of his Fiat.
  • Family keeps him grounded and spending time with his four older siblings and their children always brings a smile to his face.

 Jenni-Leigh Girard, Creative Director

With 25 years experience in live events, Jenni-Leigh brings a unique and extensive creative toolbox to the table. That couple with her production knowledge, she’s able to bring unsurpassed one of kind events ideas that are not only highly creative but also work within budget and venue parameters. With a passion for design, décor and a keen understanding of client expectations, she’s always up for a creative challenge.

Some other interesting facts about Jenni-Leigh include:

  • Her career began as a professional dancer.
  • She is also a Mental Wellness coach & therapeutic yoga teacher. A teacher at heart, she has also taught dance, horseback riding, therapeutic horseback riding and continues to facilitate creative and therapeutic corporate workshops.
  • In her spare time, she likes to paint, write poetry or do pretty much anything creative.
  • She is truly Zen when she’s in the middle of nature.
  • Her best friend is her Portuguese Water Dog, Will’eau Shay.

Michelle Yacynowych, Program Manager

With more than 20 years experience in project & account management in the meetings and events industry, Michelle is a self-motivated, decisive, action-oriented and results focused professional with strong communication, leadership and organizational skills.

 Some other interesting facts about Michelle include:

  • Michelle is a certified Spinning Instructor.
  • Her absolute favourite food is pizza!
  • She is a Muskoka cottage girl true at heart – some people call her a “fish” as she loves the lake so much!
  • Michelle believes the opportunity to travel should leave you speechless and make you an incredible storyteller.

Ashley MacArthur, Program Manager

Providing exceptional service in meeting the needs of a wide range of clientele, Ashley has always welcomed the challenge of coordinating logistics in high-demand environments.

Some other interesting facts about Ashley include: 

  • Worked as a Flight Attendant for an airline that did “Sun Runs”, meaning she spent every weekend in a different Caribbean destination!
  • She is a self-designated “group fitness junkie” – and has been a certified fitness instructor since 2011.
  • Boxing is her stress-relief, she has trained recreationally at a boxing club for the last nine years
  • New Orleans is her soul city – nothing feels more like home to her than 100 degree heat, brass bands and Cajun cooking.

Jaime Messecar, Program Coordinator

Jaime comes from a Public Relations background, with writing and event management as her specialties.  She has over five years experience in the customer service industry, in multiple corporate roles.  Her high energy, attention to detail and communication skills has given her the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments – which is every day in this industry.

Some other interesting facts about Jaime include:

  • She grew up performing on the stage – for 14 years she spent all of her spare time at the dance studio or in dance competitions.
  • She’s watched so much Grey’s Anatomy, she’s confident she has the skills to perform a craniotomy.
  • Aside from the snow, Christmas is her absolute favourite time of year – the decorations, the music, the parties and time spent with family, she loves it all.
  • She would love to own a live teacup pig one day.
  • Though she was born and raised in a small town, she’s a California Girl at heart with big dreams of living beachside one day. But only if Dragonfly re-locates of course!!

Riali Goddard, Program Coordinator

Riali is always looking for new ways to challenge herself and to learn and develop new skills. She has an extensive background in social media marketing and uses her knowledge to seek out new trends and apply them to her work.

Some other interesting facts about Riali include:

  • A sports fanatic, she has played multiple sports such as, hockey, rugby, field hockey, soccer and women’s football.
  • She is Maltese and takes great pride in her background and loves visiting the small island of Malta where her grandfather is from.
  • She is a big city kind of girl and loves living in Toronto and has always dreamed of living in New York, the city that never sleeps.
  • Even though she is not a very good singer or dancer, she has performed on stage and loved every minute of it!
  • She always enjoys a nice glass of Shiraz and a plate of pasta!

Chris Warren, Program Buyer

Chris has been planning conferences and events for over 40 years.  She has researched and planned programs in destinations around the world and is always looking for the newest and best hotels, activities and restaurants for each client request.  She is an expert negotiator and her industry partners love working with her for all the creativity that she brings to each program.

Associated Partners:

 Sherri Luft, Human Resources


Nicole Edison, Program Coordinator


Tony Ambrosi, Producer / Stage Manager


Jennifer Stein, Producer / Stage Manager


Brian Conrad, Producer / Stage Manager